JIEROU 3ply Toilet Paper
Quantity: 60 rolls/pack..
AA 1ply Luncheon Napkin (Non-fold)
Quantity: 2000 units/box..
Dispenser Napkins 1 Ply - 10,000/box
Dispenser Napkins 1 Ply - 10,000/box..
EP 2ply Dinner Napkin - 1000/box
EP 2ply Dinner Napkin - 1000/box..
EP E682 Fork Knife Napkin Set
Unit: 700 set/box..
GENTILITY AC4000 Interleaved Paper Hand Towel
Quantity: 4000 units/box..
GENTILITY AC8018 2ply Paper Hand Roll Towel
Quantity: 16 units/box..
GENTILITY AC9689 2ply Jumbo Toilet Roll
Quantity: 300m x 8 rolls/box..
NATURESOFT Facial Tissue
Quantity: 36 pack/box..
Refreshment Wet Towel - 900/box
Refreshment Wet Towel - 900/box..
ABC 1ply Luncheon Napkin (Fold)
Quantity: 3000 units/box..
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